In & Out

julio 12, 2007

The Teenagers es una de esas bandas que se prodigan más por la red que por lo que se podría llamar el “mundo real” o mundo dirigido por multinacional. De todas formas, son una banda de singles y si lo de myspace es etiqueta de cool… pues qué quieren que les diga, que les quedan dos telediarios. De todas formas, Homecoming es un tema que tiene su gracia y como ya no es actual, ni trendy, ni nada de nada, pues como que se disfruta de otra manera.

last week, i flew to san diego to see my auntie.
on day one, i met her hot step-daughter.
she’s a cheerleader, she’s a virgin, and she’s really tan.
as she stepped out of her massive car,
i could only notice she was more than fuckable.
i think she was coming back from the game or something,
‘cause she was holding those silly pom-poms.

one day two, i fucked her, and it was wild.
she’s such a slut.

i fucked my american cunt

i love my english romance

it was dirty, a dream came true
just like i like it, she’s got nice tits

it was perfect, a dream came true
just like a song i’ve been wanting to

ok, listen girls:
i met the hottest guy ever.
basically, as i was stepping out of my suv,
i came face to face with my step-cousin or whatever, who cares?
anyway, he was wearing skinny jeans, had funky hair
and the cutest british accent ever.
straight away, i could tell he was rocker
from his sexy attitutde and the way he looked at me.
mmmmmm, he is totally awesome.
oh my god,
i think i’m in love.

it was so nice to meet you

the pleasure was all mine
i do like you
come to cancun for spring break

i’ll think about it
it could be great

and don’t forget to send me a friend request

as if



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